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Welcome to the US Auto Clinic website. We are a family business who have been serving customers in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles since 1994.

Our philosophy is to treat every customer like a family member. We take great pride in being honest and straightforward about your car repair requirements. We will ensure that you get the best car repair possible, and that our helpful team will address any questions you have throughout the whole repair process.


We adopt a comprehensive approach to automotive care. We offer clear communication with the customers, staff and insurance firms who work with us. We want our customers to have confidence in our ability to restore their vehicles to the condition they were in before the accident. It is our dedication to excellence which will foster your trust in our service.

The services we offer include car rental, upholstery repair, window tinting, glass repair, smog checking and mechanical services. Also, we have a paint shop and a detail shop, to get your car looking fantastic before we deliver it to you. To top it all off, we use our own unique method of processing collision repair claims, which will save you a significant amount of time.


All of the work we carry out on your vehicle will have our characteristic quality and professionalism. Whether you have a domestic or foreign car, we can offer bespoke solutions to fit your needs. By the time we have finished our work, your car will be indistinguishable from the way it looked when you first bought it. Whichever company you are insured with, we can work with them to reach your desired outcome.

As you will see from the many testimonials from our satisfied customers, we have a proven track record of success in delivering prompt, exceptional service at an affordable price. Contact us today to discuss your car repair requirements, and find out why all of our past customers have been thrilled with the way we have met and exceeded their expectations.


Mission Statement of the US Auto Clinic:

At the US Auto Clinic, our mission is to offer outstanding customer service so that we will become your one-stop-shop for vehicle repair in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles. We always go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction, trust and confidence in our work. Our firm is proud to hire only the industry’s top ASE qualified car mechanics. The mechanics on our team are the best in Southern California, and they maintain their earned ASE qualification through regular training.

The mechanics we use are experts in domestic vehicle repair, foreign vehicle repair, transmission repair, brake jobs, wheel alignment, radiator replacement, auto suspension, differential, front end repair, oil changes, tune ups, exhaust and fuel injection cleaning. If have been involved in a car accident and you live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica or Beverly Hills, let our knowledgeable team get to work on your vehicle and start reaping the benefits straightaway.

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We Provide The Following Services


Repair Process

What can you expect? What do you need to do? Who is involved? These are all valid questions. Our step by step process gives you the details:

1. Assessment of Damage

1One of our highly trained expert estimators will examine your vehicle to determine exactly what needs to be repaired. If the damage is minor, our expert estimator will sit down with you and write an estimate for the repair of your vehicle. If the damage is major, or our expert estimator feels there may be hidden damage, we will recommend that you allow us to complete an Xray estimate on the vehicle to be sure that we have captured all of the damage to your vehicle.


2. Process Paperwork

2Our expert estimators have been trained on the latest estimating systems, including Pathways CCC, Audatex, and Mitchell. In Addition, our stores are electronically linked directly to over 25 different insurance companies as part of their Direct Repair Programs. What does this mean for our customers? Less wait time! Being part of an insurance company’s direct repair program, allows us to process your paperwork immediately, allowing us to get your vehicle back to you sooner.


3. Repair Process

3Our expert body repair technician will prepare and install new panels. Panels needing repair, will be repaired and returned to pre-accident condition. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is then added where applicable. All work is then ispected, tested and signed off on.



4. Electronic Frame Measuring and Straightening

elecMeasuringIf your vehicle is found to have damage to the frame or unibody. Our expert frame repair technicians will electronically measure your frame using state of the art Blackhawk Shark Computerized Measuring Equipment. This equipment allows us to measure up to 12 different points on the vehilcle at the same time to ensure that the repair your vehicle’s frame meets our expert safety standards.


5. Paint Preparation

4Once repairs to the body of the vehicle have been completed, our expert paint department will go to work preparing your vehicle for paint. During this process our expert paint technicins will scuff and sand all panels needing to be painted. Scuffing a vehicle helps the new paint adhere to the vehicle. Then, all panels not needing to be painted will be covered with specific automobile masking products. Lastly, our expert technicians will use specific static towels to wipe down the vehicle making sure that there are no foreign material left on the vehicle.


6. Paint Process

5When the vehicle has been properly prepared and masked, our expert paint technicians will bring the vehicle into one of our state of the art downdaft paint booths which allow for less pollution, more contolled painting environment, and an all around superior finished product. Once the vehcle is sealed in the paint booth, our paint technicians will apply the color to your vehicle. Auto body expert uses PPG waterborne paint for all its base color paint. Why PPG waterborne? Waterborne paint is much cleaner for the enviroment than the standard lacquer based paint, also it is the same paint the vehicle manufactrurer use when they apply the orginal paint to your vehicle. This means we can achieve a much better paint color match and truly return your vehicle’s finish to its pre-accident condition.  Once the base color is cured, our paint technician will appy a UV protected clearcoat to protect your vehicle’s finish from the harsh outdoor elements and provide it with a long lasting shine.


7. Detailing

6Our expert detailing department will go over the vehicle to make sure that your vehicle, both inside and out, are clean and ready for you to drive away.




8. Delivery of Vehicle Back to Customer

imgresNow that the vehicle has be repaired and detailed, it is parked out front and one of our friendly staff will call to notify you that it is ready to be delivered back to you.

Customers Testimonials

Dodge-before-afterEverything I needed for my car repair US Auto Clinic was able to help with. They had a car rental service to help me get around while my car was being fixed. While I could have gone to another Auto collision center in the area, this one was the most professional.  You can’t even tell my car was in an accident. Do not trust just any Auto Body Shop, take your car to US Auto Clinic! Very Satisfied. Thank you !

Kris J. Los Angeles




edge-before-1 edge-after-1

I was referred by a coworker who recently had his car fixed after a minor accident at US Auto Clinic. I was recently in a horrible accident where I was run off the road by a drunk driver and hit a tree. I had my car towed because it was no longer drive-able, fortunately I didn’t have to go to the hospital immediately. As a woman I am used to getting the run around when it comes to getting my car worked on.


The auto body shop gave me a quick estimate and let me know how much the repairs would completely cost with my insurance. The workers were respectful and listened to my concerns. I got a call back from the auto collision center in less than a week to pick up my car. You can’t even tell that I was involved in an accident. I would highly recommend US Auto Clinic.

Jennie F. W.LA


before-after3I’m not really a fan of giving testimonials for anything, but US Auto Clinic deserves it much and I want to do this out of overwhelming gratitude.

Two months ago I got involved in a traffic accident and I thought my car would end up in the junk shop. It was totally wrecked. All the window glasses got broken, the body was out of shape and the scratches were beyond forgiveness. Three of the tires needed replacements too. I was really hopeless. I thought no auto body shop could ever save it.

Thanks to a friend, he recommended US Auto Clinic and it was not a mistake trusting Archie and the gang. It is also good that they are a partner of Auto Collision Center which helped me with my car insurance. Now my car is back to its original shape. It is like back when it was still brand new. If you could see it now, you would see no trace that it ever got into an accident. I even joked at Archie that they probably had replaced my car with a brand new one. One more thing, their services are so affordable so it is really a heaven send to use their services.

Jason C. Hollywood, CA



hyundai-before-afterAfter an accident, I took my car to US Auto Clinic for repairs. I had a bad experience with another auto body shop a few years ago, and I was apprehensive about the work that needed to be done to my car. The staff in the auto collision center walked me through each of the needed repairs, explaining them in detail. They made me fee comfortable asking questions, and proved themselves to be among the best in the business. The best part was that my car was repaired within 48 hours, and you can’t tell it was ever even wrecked!


Camila, LA 2013 


I recently had a little accident with my brand new van and I was so worried that my husband was going to go through the roof. I looked in my rear view mirror, but somehow I just didn’t see the mailbox and I backed right into it. The back of my van was completely smashed and the window shattered. I have to admit this wasn’t the first time I’ve had an accident like this and from previous experience I knew finding an auto body shop we could trust was not going to be easy.

Fortunately, this time, I took my van to US Auto Clinic and they did a superb job. They have a rental service right on the premises, so I didn’t even have to worry about getting a replacement to drive. Everyone was so friendly and the work was completed even faster than I was promised. When the auto collision center called to tell me my van was ready, I was really worried about how it would look. Once I got there, I slowly walked around the van and couldn’t see a single flaw. There was no way anyone would ever be able to tell I had caused so much body damage.

Of course, when my husband saw the awesome job that US Auto Clinic did, he was really impressed. I’m not saying he wasn’t still a little aggravated with me, but our experience with US Auto Clinic was nothing like we had experienced in the past. Thank you so much for giving me back a van that still looks as good as new!

John B. West Hollywood, CA Feb. 2013


1888175I had gotten involved in a bit of a fender bender on my way to work. While the damage wasn’t severe, it was bad enough that I wouldn’t be able to drive my car until I got it fixed. I didn’t know about any other auto collision center in my area, so I called a friend to ask for advice. She recommended US Auto Clinic. When I took my car in, I had expected to be without my car for about a week, and I was dreading missing work. Much to my surprise, I had my car back in less than one day. It looked brand new and I was amazed by the level of service and professionalism. I will recommend US Auto Clinic to anyone who needs body work done quickly. I was back on the road again and didn’t have to take any time off from work. US Auto Clinic is the best.

Sam, Los Angeles CA


before-afterfrontIn the unfortunate event of a car accident, you want your vehicle fixed as quickly as possible, but you also want quality repairs that will last and keep you and your passengers safe. It can be hard to find an auto collision center that delivers on both of these expectations. Luckily, when the unfortunate happened to me, I found US Auto Clinic.

Conveniently located on N Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, the US Auto Clinic impressed me with the speed and quality of their service. When I arrived, someone immediately came to my assistance, treating me with respect and dignity.

They took my car into their state of the art garage almost immediately to begin work on it. I was amazed by their quick turn around time, as many friends and family who have been in accidents had told me horror stories of waiting weeks and weeks for their car to be fully repaired. The repairs were also very reasonably priced. I recommend US Auto Clinic to everyone now!

                                                                            Bob F. Beverly Hills, CA

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