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Welcome to the US Auto Clinic website. This family business has been serving customers in Beverly Hills, Studio City and Los Angeles since 1994.

Our philosophy and vision is to treat every each customer like a family member. Something that we boost for is the honesty and straightforwardness about customer’s car repair requirements. We ensure that you will get the best car repair possible, and that our helpful team will give comprehensive answers to your questions throughout the whole repair process.


We adopt an “A to Z” approach to automotive care. We offer direct and stable communication with the customers, staff and insurance firms who cooperate with us. We want our customers to have unbroken confidence in our ability to restore their vehicle sand take to the condition they were in before the accident. It is our dedication to complete excellence which will encourage your trust in our service.

The services we offer include car rental, upholstery repair, window tinting, glass repair, smog checking and mechanical services. Also, we have a paint shop and a detail shop, to get your car looking perfect before we deliver it to you. To top it all off, we use our own unique method of processing collision repair claims, which will save you a significant amount of time.

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All of the work we carry out on your vehicle will be paralleled to our characteristic quality and professionalism. Whether you have a domestic or a foreign car, we can offer bespoke solutions to fit your needs. By the time we have finished our work, your car will be indistinguishable from the way it looked when you first bought it. Whichever company you are insured with, we can cooperate with them to reach your desired outcome.


As you will see from the many testimonials from our satisfied clients, we have a proven track record of success in delivering prompt, exceptional service at an affordable price. Contact us today to discuss your car repair requirements, and find out why all of our past customers have been thrilled with the way we have met and exceeded their expectations.



Mission Statement of the US Auto Clinic:


At the US Auto Clinic, our mission is to offer outstanding customer service so that we will become your one-stop-shop for vehicle repair in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles. We always go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction, trust and confidence in our work. Our firm is proud to hire only the industry’s top ASE qualified car mechanics. The mechanics on our team are the best in Southern California, and they maintain their earned ASE qualification through regular training.


The mechanics we use are experts in domestic vehicle repair, foreign vehicle repair, transmission repair, brake jobs, wheel alignment, radiator replacement, auto suspension, differential, front end repair, oil changes, tune ups, exhaust and fuel injection cleaning. If have been involved in a car accident and you live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica or Beverly Hills, let our knowledgeable team get to work on your vehicle and start reaping the benefits straightaway.


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1.  I bought a car and I don’t know anything about cars. What are the basic things that I should be aware of about my car?

Here are the main things you should do:

  • Check your Warning Lights.
  • Check the tire Pressure and wear.
  • Check your Fluids, like Oil, Coolant level, automatic transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid and the brake fluid.
  • Check the seat belts, make sure all the safety belts work properly.
  • Check your air bags, make sure the air bag light is not on“on mode” while driving.

2. What should I check or change on my car for winter?

To be ready for winter we advice:

Check your tires. This is crucial as tires that have warn tread can mean hydroplaning on road water and can lead to accidents. Check your antifreeze level and condition. Rust colored antifreeze means you may need to flush and refill the cooling system. Check the level of your motor oil.  If it’s been 3 months to 3000 miles since your last oil change, it should be replaced. Check your battery. Batteries that are weak can fail on cold morning and your car won’t start. Change your wiper blades to winter wiper-blades. These prevent ice build-up that can obstruct your view during operation in snow and ice conditions. Perform a brake inspection. A well operating brake system help stop your car, especially during wet or snowy and icy conditions.

3. What does it mean when the light engine light is “on” ?

It alerts the driver of a potential problem on the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. When the check engine light comes on it means that a system in your vehicle — such as ignition, fuel injection, or emission control — is not operating efficiently, even though your vehicle seems to be running fine.If your check engine light comes on and it’s flashing, that indicates a more severe problem that should be checked out immediately to prevent damage to the catalytic converter (part of your exhaust system). When you experience a flashing light, minimize driving at high speeds, especially if you’re towing.When the check engine light comes on, there’s no need to panic, just make an appointment to get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring your check engine light could severely damage engine components and cost you more money in the end.

4. I feel strange smell. What could it mean?

 Smoky smells are of various kinds. Electrical smoky smells are the most dangerous and it is advisable to shut down, open the bonnet, disconnect the batteries and seek professional help. Other smoky smells may occur when the sound or heat proof lining inside the engine space burns. Trace the cause. Fuel smells occurs either when the fuel tank venting gets choked or if there has been an overflow. Sometimes, oil or exhaust smells from the engine occur. This maybe caused either due to too much engine oil, or if the engine oil has grown old and is burning, or if it has been overheated. Musty odors indicate the existence of some trapped water, usually under the carpet. This will ruin the carpet and also speed up corrosion. The proper solution would be to remove the carpets and dry both the carpet and the floor. A typical sweetish smell emanates when varnish is being burnt which occurs when your dynamo or alternator is about to pack up and would, usually be accompanied by flickering lights. Burning rubber smells tend to come when you drive with your brakes on. Overheated tires may also be the cause. Strange smells are an early warning signal that need to be heeded if much more time and money are to be saved later on.

5. Is the synthetic motor oil usable for my vehicle?

Synthetic motor oils can be a good choice for high output, turbocharged or supercharged engines. Or for vehicles that are used for towing (especially during hot weather), and vehicles that operate in extremely cold or hot climates. Although more expensive than mineral-based oils, synthetic motor oils can improve fuel economy and provide longer intervals between changes.

6. When should I replace my car’s fuel filter?

To help ensure dependable, trouble-free performance, replace your car’s fuel filter approximately every 30,000 miles or as recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

7. My brake pedal vibrate when I’m slowing down from freeway speeds? What could the problem be?

The most common cause is excessive warping of the brake rotor. This is caused by improper tightening of the wheels or wheel hubs that are not properly cleaned when the rotors are installed after a brake job or tire rotation, or it could be a bad hub. The problem does not show up right away, it can take a few hundred miles of driving, or getting the brakes hot enough for the vibration to show up. To solve this problem, the mechanic must first determine if the rotors are warped, the hubs are dirty, or if it a bad hub. The rotors can be machined if there is enough material on the rotor to machine it properly without going below minimum thickness required for a safe rotor, or the rotor must be replaced. If the hub is the problem it must be cleaned properly, the rotor re-installed, and the smoothness and straightness (run out) rechecked.

8. I hear a strange sound. What could the problem be?

Strange sounds tend to be sidelined in the bustle and din of our roads, and by the car stereo playing in the background. However, if the problem persists, the car will make its condition known every time you take a corner or ride over a bump. Strange clicking while taking a turn from the front wheels means that the front shaft is about to fall apart. Get it fixed before it actually does. A fan-belt squeal means that another one is needed. Rhythmic clicks from the wheel indicate faulty bearings at worst or just large pebbles stuck in the tread pattern at the best. A change in engine tone usually indicates engine overheating, especially if you have been driving at constant speeds for a long time. Stopping or varying the engine speed should be enough if there is no severe problem. Otherwise, let the car cool down and then check radiator and water levels. Backfiring while normal driving means serious problems and should be properly investigated. Engine knocks means that it is time to get into a lower gear. If it persists, however, it is time to get your engine and engine oil checked. At times, your car give personal signals which can be deciphered by only the user. Strange ‘hiccups’ while driving indicate faulty fuel which would in turn cause faulty carburetor or fuel injector. If there is unequal or wrong air pressure in tires, it is evident on braking. Unexplained shudders in braking indicate problems in suspension or linkages.

9.  If the engine oil is milky brown, what could the problem be?

Milky brown engine oil is an indication of coolant in the oil. This can be caused by a blown head gasket (or other gasket), a failed transmission cooler, or cracked casings. This condition is very serious and needs to be checked by a professional technician immediately.

10. How do I make sure my car battery has a good electrical connection?

Battery cables and terminals should be cleaned and inspected periodically to make sure they provide a good electrical connection.

11. How Often Should My Car Receive a Tune-up?

Most cars require regularly scheduled tune-ups yearly and require major maintenance at 60,000 miles.

12. The car is Making A Pinging Sound. What Does It Mean?

Most likely, a pinging sound coming from your engine indicates timing problems. Sometimes pinging is caused by poor quality or low octane fuel. Pinging can cause damage. We strongly advise that to have your car checked out by a professional to determine whether it’s causing damage.

13. When should the spark plugs of a car be changed?

For maximum fuel economy and peak engine performance, your spark plugs should be replaced every 30 months or 30,000 miles.

14. What is the primary cause of tire damage?

Although there are many things that can cause tire damage, improper inflation is the main problem we see. Always keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle and frequently check the pressure of all tires.

15. When should a timing belt be changed?

Timing belt replacement is the “must-do” service operation which every car owner should know about. Along with that knowledge, we should be aware of whether our engine is considered an interference engine or not. Depending on the vehicle a timing belt needs to be replaced between 60,000 and 120,000 miles.

16. What does it mean if my “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on?

There are many sensors and computerized components that manage your vehicle’s engine performance and emissions. When one of these fails, the “check engine” light is illuminated. Although your car may seem to run fine, it is important to have the issue addressed to prevent long-term problems.

17. Why do I need to have my engine oil changed every 3,000 miles?

The additive in the oil starts to break down as soon as it heats up to high temperatures. The engine in your vehicle will reach over 200 degrees almost every time you drive it. History has proven that the 3,000 mile mark is a good interval to have your engine oil replaced. You never want to just drain your engine oil out and put new oil in without changing the oil filter. The oil filter will hold about a quart of oil. If you do not change the oil filter when changing the engine oil in your vehicle you are combining your clean engine oil with deteriorated engine oil and this will lessen the effectiveness of the new engine oil you just put in your vehicle.



We Provide The Following Services


Repair Process

What can you expect? What do you need to do? Who is involved? These are all actual questions. Our step by step process gives you the details:


1.Assessment of Damage


We are armed with highly trained expert estimators that will examine your vehicle to determine exactly what needs to be repaired. Here are two possible ways: in case the damage is minor, our expert estimator will sit down with you and write an estimate for the repair of your vehicle. If the damage is major, or our expert estimator feels like there may be a hidden damage, we will recommend you to allow us to complete an Xray estimate on the vehicle to be sure that we have captured all of the damage to your vehicle.



2. Process Paperwork

2 Our expert estimators have been trained on the latest estimating systems, including Pathways CCC, Audatex, and Mitchell. In Addition, our stores are electronically linked directly to over 25 different insurance companies as part of their Direct Repair Programs. What is the advantage of this for our customers? Less wait time! Being part of an insurance company’s direct repair program, allows us to process your paperwork immediately, allowing us to get your vehicle back to you sooner.



3. Repair Process

3Our expert body repair technician will prepare and install new panels. Panels needing repair, will be repaired and returned to pre-accident condition. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is then added where applicable. All work is then ispected, tested and signed off on.





4. Electronic Frame Measuring and Straightening


If your vehicle is found to have damage to the frame or unibody. Our expert frame repair technicians will electronically measure your frame using state of the art Blackhawk Shark Computerized Measuring Equipment. This equipment allows us to measure up to 12 different points on the vehicle at the same time to ensure that the repair your vehicle’s frame meets our expert safety standards.



5. Paint Preparation


Besides all the repair actions, we also realize esthetic corrections, to present the customer’s car in the best way possible. Once repairs to the body of the vehicle have been completed, our expert paint department will go to work preparing your vehicle for paint. During this process our expert paint technicians will scuff and sand all panels needing to be painted. Scuffing a vehicle helps the new paint adhere to the vehicle. Then, all panels not needing to be painted will be covered with specific automobile masking products. Lastly, our expert technicians will use specific static towels to wipe down the vehicle making sure that there are no foreign material left on the vehicle.




6. Paint Process


When the vehicle has been properly prepared and masked, our expert paint technicians will bring the vehicle into one of our state of the art downdaft paint booths which allow for less pollution, more controlled painting environment, and an all around superior finished product. Once the vehicle is sealed in the paint booth, our paint technicians will apply the color to your vehicle. Auto body expert uses PPG waterborne paint for all its base color paint. Why PPG waterborne? Waterborne paint is much cleaner for the environment than the standard lacquer based paint, also it is the same paint the vehicle manufacturer use when they apply the original paint to your vehicle. This means we can achieve a much better paint color match and truly return your vehicle’s finish to its pre-accident condition.  Once the base color is cured, our paint technician will apply a UV protected clearcoat to protect your vehicle’s finish from the harsh outdoor elements and provide it with a long lasting shine.


7. Detailing


Our expert detailing department will go over the vehicle to make sure that your vehicle, both inside and out, are clean and ready for you to drive away.





8. Delivery of Vehicle Back to Customer


Now that the vehicle has been repaired and detailed, it is parked out front and one of our friendly staff memberwill call to notify you that it is ready to be delivered back to you.

Customers Testimonials

“US Auto Clinic lives up to its 5 star rating. I arrived announced and was quickly added to the queue. My repairs (brake pad replacement) took a couple of hours and then I was back on the road. The entire process was easy and painless. I worked with Edgar who was attentive and friendly. I’ll definitely be back for future repairs.”

Joe W. West Hollywood, CA





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“Best place to repair your car. I have a BMW 335 IS M Performance, the car is very low, so i had my front bumper damaged in the parking. They fixed it in 10 min, i was really surprised, cos i went to BMW Beverly Hills, and they gave me an estimate of 1800$ to change the whole thing. As the bumper was is good condition i didn’t want to change it. For me it wasn’t about the money, but it was about ripping me off.  So US Auto Clinic repaired it with no waiting time. I’m glad that you still can find in LA an auto repair with good and high quality service at a fair price.  I’ll definitely recommend them.”

Eva P. Beverly Hills, CA







I have been using US Auto Clinic fbefore-after3or 6 years. Whenever something     happens with my car it’s stressful.  Going to a family owned business  where they are HONEST and KIND is very helpful. They always do a great job with my car and they get it back to me in a timely manner. Recently my car was hit while parked outside my house. I was very upset. The only thing that helped was knowing that the guys at US AUTO CLINIC work with my insurance company. So a process that could have been a huge pain in the neck became quite simple. They even gave me a ride to the rental car place.  I have sent many friends there and they are always happy with their experience. I plan to NEVER go anywhere else.”

G V. Los Angeles, CA



“I love these ghyundai-before-afteruys. My first experience with them was probably four or five years ago: I’d clipped someone else’s car, and when the guy at the bodyshop found out I’d done the right thing and left my contact info for the other driver, he immediately knocked a third off the bill.That’s the kind of people they are: they always go the extra mile, their prices are reasonable, they’re honest and do really great work. And when they say they’ll do something, they do it. I’ve been using them ever since.                                                                  I’ve referred a bunch of people to them over the years, and they have all thanked me for it.”


Stephen I. Los Angeles, CA




“Whenever I move cities, it is always a little nerve wracking to find the right auto shop to deal with my car issues. Thankfully, I found US Auto Clinic. I have never met such HONEST people who are not just trying to get all of your money. A few months ago they fixed my bumper because someone rear-ended me. They were SO fast and I didn’t have to worry about a thing with claims adjusters. They told me to just call the insurance, set up an appointment for the adjuster to come to the shop and they will take care of it from there….and they did! US Auto Clinic is so knowledgeable and very very helpful…did I mention HONEST? :)    I have referred 3 of my friends here already and plan on referring more.    They definitely go the extra mile to make sure you have a good experience.”


Tiffani M. Los Angeles, CA





“My Visit to US Auto Clinic  was a amazing experience, Not only were the repairs done perfectly and in a timely manner, the staff handled the matter professionally and courteously. In a simple way to put it .. Great JOB… Fair Price… Amazing Service . when I picked up my car it was washed smelled good ready to GO!!! I will defiantly be lifelong customer and fan of this body shop !”


“3 weeks ago, I got into an accident with the same vehicle. The process of the body shop had me more anxious than the accident itself. So I started doing my research, and ran into US Auto Clinic.All I can say is WOW, I’m absolutely speechless! My experience with US Auto Clinic was absolutely phenomenal. Edgar and Harut were beyond comforting, very family oriented, and extremely mannered. Very classy and very humorous gentlemen. All smiles and positive energy!!                                               Business wise, they are straight to the point. No excuses, very respectful and prestigious. They work with many insurance companies, so there’s less hassling. Even without insurance, their prices are very reasonable compared to the quality and turn around time. I got my car back in 3 weeks, compared to almost 5 months! These guys are completely awesome, I would say the best in the business. I give them 10********** stars if I could!                                  I absolutely recommend everyone to go in, and just check them out. They will brighten your day. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been able to work with this guys ….”


Mayush M. Los Angeles, CA




“Honestimagesy is everything and this auto shop passed the test. My vehicle was giving off an awkward noise a few seconds after I would turn the car off. After taking it to a few trusted shops that provided zero assistance, I finally came to US Auto clinic. It’s like a hospital for your vehicle. within 10 min they were able to identify what the issue was and quote me a fair price. I will definitely bring all my vehicles here from now on. Bye bye dealer! They are even on the top of my insurance company’s list for trusted shops to bring your car into after an accident!”



Holly B. Los Angeles, CA












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